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Deep Learning Strategy Builder

Traditionally, the investment approach is a silos effort, and it takes time between multiple teams to coordinate these efforts leading to a process of 4-8 months to build a new investment strategy. Our Deep Learning Strategy Builder is inspired by the same methodology with a single-solution approach.

By using the best and most up-to-date technologies and leveraging cloud and automation, we can train an investment strategy within 2 to 4 weeks, tailored specifically to your demands
Design your investment strategy, crafted by various investment models, trained by our platform and personalized by your preferred metrics

Our single-solution approach allows you to pre-design the model’s training with your investment methodology and criteria’s limitations, such as:

  • Investment Universe
  • Max Concentration
  • Slippage Tolerance
  • AUM
  • Target Objective
  • Trading Interval
  • Long / Short Ratio
  • Commission Structure
  • Reference Objective
  • Preferred Neural Network
  • And many more

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